William and Mary BureauSOLD

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This is a remarkable piece of early walnut furniture more than 320 yrs old!! Made in the reign of the Dutch William and Mary of Scotland in England late 17th century, it has lovely burr walnut veneers, cross bandings and herringbone banded drawers, good patina on nearly all surfaces. The interior is absolutely stunning has lovely Gothic scalloped drawer fronts, lots of small ink stains and a cellar slide, it is I believe the best interior I’ve seen on such an early piece!

Drawers are all oak lined and runners have been replaced as well as other light corrective work has been carried out to bring this gem back to top condition.

These pieces are exceptionally rare and special, this one has a lot of the earliest design elements , the wider band in the centre relates to how the first bureaus were in two parts a writing box with the fold out writing surface on the top of a low chest of drawers, drawer rails have double reeded cross grain as well as the lower moulding above the feet is also walnut cross grain construction, handles are a very early pattern with   back engraved plates.

Size: 100cm x 62cm x 109cm high writing height 80cm.

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